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App Crashes - No More!

Updated iPhone to OS4 and then updated app. Works perfectly now. Don't download if you can't get the new operating system.



Works for me

I have an iPhone 4 and it works great for me + it's hard to beat free... Thanks.

crashess everytime I try to open it ...fixxxxxxxx!!!!!


Everytime I open it. Fix it. Don't offer the app for "free" just to have it unusable when downloaded.

App crashes

I have a 3g and I am not able to open the app. Crashes every time I try!!!

Works for me

I have an iPhone 3G with iOS4 and the app runs just fine. Some people seem to have crashes on OS3 but for free it was worth a try for me.


This app is a piece of crap! It always crashes everytime i open it!

Nice update

The selection of sayings gets better with each update. Nice app! However, I'm a little sad that I paid money for the app and now it seems to be for free.

Nice collection

I like the graphics! This app does not spam me with 5000 sayings. It just offers a very well chosen selection. Just reported my favorite lines to the publisher for the next update.


This app is poop. Don't waste your time on this sorrry excuse for a little entertainment.

App crashes

App crashes upon start on iPhone 2G w/ iOS 3.1.3. Did it ever really get tested on an old iPhone? I bet it's iAd that's causing this. So much for a free app that doesn't work.


Would not even work.

The sayings are alright

But there aren't very many.


I open the app and it keeps on crashing. Please fix it.

Come on

An app that relies entirely on user submitted quotes? No one is contributing. There are like ten quotes per section. The developers need to scour the net and cut and paste some content. This is horrible.

Works offline!

I have an iPod Touch and the app works great even when I'm not at home with WIFI connection. Very useful if you are on a party or special event and need some lines for a guestbook or a card.

Wedding and Love

My favorite categories are wedding and love. Lots of weddings going on next year and the sayings are pretty cool. Like to text one of the love lines to my boyfriend!

Great collection

I like the collection of sayings! Very useful for family events. And the graphics are just wonderful!

This will make my girlfreid happy!

I love the app! The lines from the Love section are very cool. This will impress my girlfriend for sure!

Great App

I'm impressed. It's a very handy collection and sorted by occasion -- not as the other apps which just give you thousands of unsorted quotes. Like it very much and it's fun to use!

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